Ignite Cruises accepts all major credit cards as method of payment: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover. To make a payment towards your existing reservation OR to update your card on file (for automatic payments), please login to your account  HERE.

PAYMENT PLANS: We do not charge any interest or payment plan fees for you to take advantage of these plans! The date that you book will determine the total deposit due and any subsequent payment dates.
Please note: All payment plans will require you to be paid in full by the final payment date (85 days prior the sail date).

Pay in Full Option
Pay in full at the time of booking and don’t worry about any additional payments later on.

Deposit + 50/50 plan
Make a $150 deposit PER person at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be split evenly into two 50/50 payments: The first payment is due 145 days prior to the sail date and the 2nd payment is due 85 days prior to the sail date.

Deposit + Monthly payments until final payment date (85 days prior to sail date)
When you book, we’ll calculate an evenly divided automatic billing plan for you that starts on the time you book and ends on the final payment date (85 days prior to sail date). Your initial deposit of $150 PER person is due at the time of booking.

All payments will be automatically charged to your card on file. It is each guests responsibility to know their due dates (due dates are shown in all confirmation emails). If you need to make any changes to your payment plan due dates, please contact us BEFORE your payment is due. You can always update your card on file that will be used for automatic payments by logging in to YOUR ACCOUNT.

RESERVATIONS BOOKED 85 DAYS OR CLOSER TO THE SAIL DATE: All reservations booked 85 days or closer to the sail date must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Reservations that are left unpaid 10 days after the final payment date WILL BE CANCELLED and the corresponding CANCELLATION PENALTIES will be applied.

LATE PAYMENT FEES: If an automatic payment is declined, you will be notified and will have the opportunity to submit that payment within 7 days; otherwise, a $10 late payment fee will be added to your reservation.

SPLITTING FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Payment for your cabin can be split evenly between each guest. Our booking system will ask whether one person will be in charge of payment or if you will be splitting it evenly between each guest.

THIRD PARTY CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Cardholder(s) name MUST match the name(s) of the person(s) traveling. If you are using a third party credit card (the name of the cardholder is not on the reservation), a Third Party Credit Card Authorization Form must be signed by the cardholder. This form must be received within 48 of booking. This is not required for parents’ cards as long as the cardholder last name is the same as the person that is traveling.